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2022-2021 Welcome Letter!

Office: 623-547-3200                     
Office Hours: 7:30am – 3:30pm
School Hours: 7:40-2:25       
Dear Panther Nation,                              
We are proud to welcome you to the 2022-2023 school year as part of our Panther Family!  As we prepare for your child’s school experience, we wanted to share some important information to ensure a safe and pleasant start to our school year.  Please read through the following important information with your child.  We want you and your child to have an outstanding year!
Our school hours are 7:40am to 2:25pm.  Gates open at 7:10am and close at 2:30pm.  Students will not be allowed on campus before or after those times as there is no supervision. Students will report directly to their homeroom classroom unless they choose to eat breakfast in our cafeteria.  
Please read this information carefully as it details all of the things that you will need to know to get your child ready for the school year.  Class supply lists are on our website.  Supply lists are the same for every class currently so if you have a 4th grader, you can look at any of the lists.  Once the students are placed in classes, your child’s teacher may send a more specific request list home the first week of school. Classroom rosters will be posted outside of the campus (on the windows) on Friday, July 30th at 3:30pm.  Thank you for your patience as we have students enrolling daily. 
OPEN HOUSE 2022-2023
Open House is on Friday, August 5th from 4-6pm.  Please join us IN PERSON in order to meet your child’s teacher and check out our beautiful campus! We look forward to seeing you!
Due to safety reasons we continue to be a closed campus school.  Parents will have to say their goodbyes at the gates and allow their child to go to their classroom unescorted, or with the help of a designated and trained Student Ambassador. We will have Staff and Student Ambassadors available to help walk your child. *Exception:  Parents may walk their student(s) to their classroom(s) and say their goodbyes and help carry and supplies, etc on the first day of school only. 
CONSCIOUS DISCIPLINE (Social Emotional Learning Model)
Mabel Padgett Elementary School implements a model called Conscious Discipline that is used in each school in the Litchfield Elementary School District. Conscious Discipline is based on a Brain State Model that empowers us to create a culture of learning based on safety, connection, and problem solving. Conscious Discipline utilizes a neurodevelopmental model to help focus our attention on internal states first, and behavior second.  Addressing the internal state that precedes the behavior, individuals learn to self-regulate and develop strong executive skills for problem solving and goal achievement. 
Conscious Discipline provides an effective metaphor for educational institutions. The School Family is built on a healthy family model with the goal of providing optimal development for all it’s members. The School Family builds connections that foster the following:
  • Impulse control through co-regulation skills
  • Cooperation and willingness to learn through a sense of belonging
  • Executive skills through modeling, scaffolding and direct teaching
  • Routines- how we teach behavior expectations in our classrooms and school
  • Rituals- expressions of unity
  • Classroom Structures- the ultimate goal of the School Family is to provide a learning environment where all members (adult and children) spend more time in an executive state than not. 

Our Motto at Mabel is Model, Achieve, Believe, Excel and Learn….that’s the Panther way and I live it everyday. 
Our school-wide expectations are that all members of our Panther Family are Respectful, Responsible, and Safe.  Thank you, ahead of time, for your help in supporting these expectations. 
Mabel Padgett is known as an open and friendly campus where parents are always welcome. We truly value you and want you to feel welcome when you come to eat lunch or volunteer in your child’s classroom. However, due to recent tragedies in schools around the nation, Mabel Padgett has a Closed Campus Policy so that we can more easily identify adults on our campus and their reasons for being here. Having a closed campus increases the safety and security of your child by minimizing the number of people on campus.
Our campus is closed before and after school, from 7:10-3:10. Students will enter campus through one of the 3 gates; the front gate by the office/kindergarten playground, the fire lane gate at parent drop off on Falcon Drive and the bus lane gate near the playground.  Adults will not be allowed to enter through the gates, and must enter the front office, show their i.d. and sign in.
  • To keep all children safe, only students are allowed beyond the gates before school, during school or after school. This means no one is allowed to stand in line or wait in front of the classrooms prior to school, or to be in the playground area before, during, or after school.
Receive Updates from Principal Willis:
Another safety measure we have in place is our school-wide text/email notification. To receive messages by text, text the number 81010 with the message @bcgbdb. To receive messages by email from the school, register under MPE parent email sign up on the Mabel web page, under quick links. Please help us continue to be paper free by providing your email address on our website, or to the classroom teacher at Open House. Going paper free, when possible, will save time and money, and is better for the environment. Thanks for your help! 
Celebrating Student Birthdays at Mabel Padgett: 
Room Parents/Teachers will coordinate and observe birthdays once a month, usually at the end of the month. We will recognize students on their individual birthdays but limit class celebrations to one per month. In August we will celebrate July & August birthdays and in May we will celebrate May & June birthdays. We try to limit the amount of sugary sweet treats brought into the classroom in order to promote health/wellness, protect instructional time, be sensitive to food allergies, limit expenses to parents, and promote equity. For example, on Valentine’s Day, we go with red themed treats like apples & strawberries, or non-food items. Valentine’s Day falls at the same time as our School Walk for Diabetes so we have a unique opportunity to reinforce what our students learn about healthy eating from Coach Wall through the School Walk Program. Birthday parties and balloons are not allowed during lunchtime.       
Mabel Padgett’s Parent Teacher Organization (PTO):
Our family and community involvement makes us unique and sets us apart from other schools. It’s free to join. Please support our PTO….they do amazing things for our students & staff! Also, spirit wear is on sale at MPE spirit store. PTO will be hosting a Boo-Hoo breakfast for parents and guardians on August 3rd from 7:30am-8:30am in the Media Center.  
As always, we will do everything to guarantee the safety of everyone at Mabel Padgett Elementary.  It is imperative that you, as parents/guardians, and your child communicate with us if you feel you have any knowledge that will help us intervene before a situation arises that may compromise the safety or health of a student.  Also, if you have a question or concern regarding your child’s academic/behavior status, as a professional courtesy, please contact the teacher prior to contacting administration to discuss the concern.   

In order to communicate with you in the most effective manner, we suggest you follow the steps listed below:
Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
Contact Homeroom Teacher
Contact Behavior Coach (behavior concerns)
Contact Instructional Coach (academic concerns)
Contact Principal Willis
1. School Website:  Please visit our new website at MPE.  On our website, you will find general school information, a letter from the Principal, suggested supplies for each grade level, contact information for your child’s teachers, nurse updates, upcoming school events, and news from our Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and much more!  
2. Facebook:  Stay connected with us on Facebook.  Our page will showcase the amazing things taking place on campus, recognize staff and students, showcase student work, as well as provide up-to-date information regarding events or important information.
3. Peachjar:  We will be maintaining a paper-free flyer school through the use of Peachjar. These flyers will be sent to the email address you have on file with our school.  If your email address changes, please let us know!
You can visit the Transportation webpage at our district website to gather more information about bus transportation.  If your child is walking to and from school, you can read our comprehensive Safe Route to Schools document found on our webpage.
The education of our students is extremely important, and being in class is vital to their academic success.  School attendance is not only a good habit, state law requires it.  Arizona State Law (15-802.E, 15-803.) requires every person who has custody of a child between the ages of six and sixteen years shall make sure the child attends school for the full time school is in session, unless unable to attend due to illness or another legitimate reason.
To encourage and improve school attendance, Litchfield Elementary School District has implemented a truancy program in partnership with Maricopa County Juvenile Court. This truancy program is called C.U.T.S. (Court Unified Truancy Suppression). We will be tracking attendance very closely. We appreciate your cooperation in this very important matter. Remember, kids who attend school more often will learn more!
We will expect our students to develop strong study habits, take responsibility, and have pride in their academic efforts. A strong partnership is the best recipe for our students’ success. Therefore, you have the right to expect the best from us!  We hope you will partner with us to bring out the best in our students.
  • Supplies – Being prepared and organized is essential to educational success. The most important supplies are: pencils, pens, loose leaf paper, spiral notebooks, a binder, and a backpack. See Suggested Supply Lists on our school website.  Teachers will give you more information about specific supplies during the first days of school. 
  • Agenda (3-5 grades) – Your child will receive a complimentary agenda book and he/she will be expected to write down each week’s classwork and homework.  This is an excellent tool for students to use in managing their time on school homework, projects, correspondence, and school activities, such as field trips and sport tryouts. There is a $5 replacement cost if the agenda is lost or damaged. 
In our student handbook/agenda, there is a discipline rubric that is followed.   Students who choose to interrupt the learning environment will be subject to disciplinary action.  Please read and review the student handbook with your student. Both parent/guardian and student will need to sign the first page and return it to their homeroom teacher. A page should be signed and returned for each child in your family.

  • Monitoring Health:  Students experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 or other illnesses are required to stay home. This includes but is not limited to: fever of 100+ degrees should stay home, muscle or body aches, chills, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, headaches, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea.
  • Masks:  Optional for staff and students 
  • Immunizations:  Please make sure that your child is up to date on ALL immunizations.  If you received shots over the summer, please bring those records in to the nurse on or before the first day of school. 
  • Medicine:  All medicine (including cough drops) must be brought into the nurse’s office in its original packaging.
  • Water:  Students should bring a reusable water bottle to school each day. Students can refill their bottles at lunch time at the water bottle fountain or in their classrooms.  Use of water fountains, as designed, will not be permitted. We are asking for water donations again this year.  Please drop off any donation to the front office. 
Our school and district will continue to take  precautions to provide a clean and safe environment for our staff and students, this includes but is not limited to:  hand-sanitizing stations in each classroom, cleaning of classrooms, cleaning of shared materials (books, math manipulatives, etc.).

In an effort to maintain a safe environment for our students, we are writing this letter to inform you of our pickup and drop-off procedures. Please review the procedures below to help us maintain student safety at all times. The parking lot on Falcon Drive is called the Falcon Express Lane and the parking lot on Turney is referred to as the Front Parking Lot.
  • Falcon Express Lane in the morning: The parent drop-off parking lot is located on Falcon Drive. When dropping off in the morning, pull all the way forward to drop off your student. They can walk back to the fire lane and go through the gates. Those gates close at 7:35.  If the gates are closing, pull all the way forward and drop your student off so they can then walk across the front of campus and go through the front gates which close at 7:40.
  • Falcon Express Lane in the afternoon for parent pick-up: The parking spaces are for staff only.  Teachers will be on duty to direct traffic and load cars. We will have 2 lanes again this year for afternoon pick up.  Grades 1-3 will be in lane #1 (closest to school), Grades 4-5 will be in lane #2 (closest to Falcon).  If a student has a younger sibling, please pick up in the younger sibling’s lane.  We ask that parents pull all the way forward to the farthest open pickup space.  We will direct your child to go to these spaces.  This will help in loading as many students as we can at one time.  If a vehicle stops at space #4 and there are open spaces at #1-3, the line tends to slow down.  If at all possible, the best door for your child to use is a passenger side door.  This alleviates a possible unsafe walk into the driving lane on the driver’s side of the car.  Please review with your child your car color and type.  Always pull forward and for your child’s safety,and have them enter through a passenger side door. With your assistance in this process, we hope to make everyone’s experience more positive and efficient. 
  • The parking lot on Turney Ave. (Front of school) is for PreK-K parents and parents of our students in Mrs. Sterr, Ms. Howlett, Mrs. Czechowski and Mrs. Reshetar's classes.  to park and walk students to/from campus.  Never drop off students in the middle of this parking lot.  If you just want to drop off and not park, then use the Falcon Express Lane. If you have older students please use the Express Lane on Falcon.  Students may not exit unparked cars from the Turney lot.  Parking along the red curb/fire lane is a violation of Goodyear Fire Department rules and could result in a ticket. All cars must park in a parking space. Turn RIGHT when leaving the Turney lot, this helps keep the traffic flow moving.  We have many parents who cross with their children in the middle of the parking lot causing safety and traffic issues.   
  • **Please use the crosswalk in front of the office at all times**
  • Traffic is heaviest in the parking lots and around campus between 7:30-7:40 and 2:15-2:35. Arriving before 7:30 will help make dropping your student off much easier/quicker in the morning
Thank you, ahead of time, for paying attention to these important instructions.  The safety of our students is most important.
Families are still encouraged to submit a school meal application for free or reduced-price meal benefits because this information may be used for other programs, such as Pandemic-Electronic Benefit Transfer (P-EBT), Federal and State funding for your school, reduced registration fees for academic tests, free or discounted fees for athletic programs, discounted rates for internet service, and many more!

Breakfast and Lunch meals are served daily.  A variety of entrees, milk and juice, fresh fruit and vegetables are included with each meal.  Lunch money due?  Tired of writing 'lunch money' checks?  Need to check your child's lunch account balance?  SIMPLIFY LIFE:  Make your school lunch payments online.  
Go to:  Click: Online Meal Payment.  For questions or help call 623-535-6060.
Free and Reduced Form:
Take a few minutes and fill out a Free or Reduced Form. YOU MAY NOW BE ELIGIBLE!  If your family has been faced with one of the following situations since this past year, you may now be eligible for our Free and Reduced Lunch Program.  Situations would include:  loss of job, work hours reduced causing you to earn less money, a family member contributing to the household income is no longer working, your family size has increased, you applied for and received food stamps or cash assistance, or you have lost your home. Please apply using the following website:  For questions or help call 623-535-6060.
Tax credit is a win-win combination!  You can donate up to $200 as an individual or $400 as a couple to your child’s school and receive a full credit on your state taxes. Due to budget cuts, our tax credit money becomes essential in helping us continue the programs and activities that we have become accustomed to providing for our families.  This money can help to fund field trips, before-school activities and clubs, character education programs, music, drama, sports and art programs.  
Thank you for your continued support as we navigated through last school year.  I am beyond thrilled to welcome our Panthers back in person and get back to business (and a little fun!)! Welcome back Panther Nation! 
Mrs. Leslie Willis
Mabel Padgett Elementary School