Conscious Discipline

Conscious Discipline is an evidence-based, self-regulation program that integrates social-emotional learning and discipline. The program, developed by Dr. Becky A. Bailey, empowers adults to consciously respond to daily conflict, transforming it into an opportunity to teach critical life skills to children.  Conscious Discipline is a way of organizing schools and classrooms around the concept of a school family. Each member of the family, both adult and child, learn the skills needed to successfully manage life tasks such as learning, forming relationships, communicating effectively, being sensitive to others' needs, and getting along with others.  The skills include composure, empathy, integrity, assertiveness, responsibility, the ability to make good choices, and the ability to see the best in others. We will continue to communicate with our families as we proceed down this exciting road with Conscious Discipline. We encourage families to visit for additional information.  

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